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What is Espiello?

The ESPIELLO, INTERNATIONAL ETHNOGRAPHIC DOCUMENTARY FILM FESTIVAL is organized by the Culture department at the Sobrarbe Comaraca (an institution covering 19 local town halls) and benefits from considerable participation from local residents who make up the permanent Festival Committee. It takes place in the month of April in Boltaa, a small town in the Huescan Pyrenees.
Espiello is the only specialist festival of its type in the whole of Spain. It includes an International ethnographic documentary Competition and other non-competitive sections as well as parallel activities including wider themes related to documentary and visual anthropology.
Espiello is a vehicle for the recognition and celebration of quality cultural events in the rural context of the Pyrenees. It aims to promote the latest productions of those who work in the field of ethnographic documentary and visual anthropology, productions which are all too often overlooked by the various film festivals of Spain, regardless of significant levels of interest from the academic world and the general public.
ESPIELLO is MIRROR in Aragonese, a mirror in which to see not only our own reflections but also those of others.