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What's Espiello ?

ESPIELLO, INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF ETHNOGRAPHIC DOCUMENTARY is organized by the Service of Culture of the Comarca de Sobrarbe (an institution that it groups to 19 town halls) and the section of Audio-visual of the CES (Center of Studies of Sobrarbe) along with a wide participation of neighbors of the zone who form the Permanent Commission of the festival. It is celebrated during April in Boltaa, a small population of the Pyrenees of Huesca (Spain).

Espiello is the only festival with this specialization in the country. It has an international competition of ethnographic documentary and some different sections out of competition and other activities whith topics related to the documentary and the visual anthropology.

Espiello is also a claim to celebrate cultural events of quality in a rural way of mountain and to announce the last works that are realized in the field of the ethnographic documentary and the visual anthropology, works that are not seen in the majority festivals of our country but they are so interesting to the academic world and all the public.

ESPIELLO is A MIRROR in Aragonese language, a mirror to see proper and foreign reflexes.