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Regulation 2018


The Comarca de Sobrarbe is organising the XVI International Ethnographic Film Fest of Sobrarbe to be held in Boltaa (Huesca, Spain) from 6 to 14 April 2018, in accordance with the following rules:


1- Ethnographic documentary is defined, in a wide sense, as the production of a documentary whose prime aim is to display aspects relating to living and understanding life within a culture.

2- Any of these productions made after 1 January 2013, and lasting from less than 90 minutes, may enter the Festival. Work entered for previous Festivals, or those made by people involved in the organisation, are not admitted; neither are those promoting tourism or publicity.

3- Each producer/director may present up to three documentaries.

4- Films will be submitted in their original language. Whenever the original version is not in Spanish, they must be subtitled in Spanish and, as an exception, in English


5- The call for entry is open till 15 October 2017. It will take as a reference, when it consists, the date of mailing that appears in the postmark of post office or control of the agency of transports.

6- Submission shall be online via or, all compulsory fields must be filled and upload the video file with inlaid subtitles. Those entrants with a problematic online submission due to geographical location and conflicts in their countries, may apply to participate in the short film contest via the following email address:


7- The representatives of the selected works will be informed before 10 February (This date may be extended according to the needs of the organization), and will have to send in the course of seven days the copy for projection preferably in blue ray or DCP, clearly stating the title, format, type of screen and type of sound and all the information needed for the catalogue.

8- Documentaries selected for the competition section will take part of the file of the Festival and the private consultation with investigation or educational ends is authorized.

9- Documentaries entered for the competition section of the festival will go to form part of the ASECIC Film Library (which will regulate their showing, presentation and broadcasting, never for a fee, and always for educational and cultural purposes).

10- The Festival will not pay any quantity to the authors or persons in charge for the works selected by the exhibition of the films in the dates of the festival.

11- Espiello Festival can create parallel sections with films havent been selected, when they are considered interesting to screen during the festival.


- ESPIELLO prize, of one thousand five hundred euros (1.800) and trophy for the Best Documentary.
- ESPIELLO CHOBEN prize of eight hundred euros (900) and trophy for the Best Documentary made by an under 36-year-old.( it will have to credit the age)
- ESPIELLO PIRINEOS prize of eight hundred euros (900) and trophy for the Best Documentary on a Mountain Theme.
- ESPIELLO BOLTAA prize of five hundred euros (500) and trophy for the Documentary Voted Best by the Audience.
- ESPIELLO RECHIRA prize of eight hundred euros (900) trophy for the Best Research Project.
- "Guillermo Ziga" ASECIC prize (trophy) given by the Spanish Association for Scientific Cinema and Image.

12- The Jury will be international and consist of 5 prominent figures from the field of cinema, audiovisuals, anthropology and cultures designated by the Organisation, with a quorum of 3 required.

13- The jury reserves the right to grant prizes as it deems fit, as well as to declare a prize void. None of the prizes can be awarded jointly. Two prizes are not awarded to one person, unless one is the Audience prize.

14- In the event that the amount of the award is withdrawn by bank transfer, the winner will take over the commissions.


15- For the festival promotion, Espiello organization reserves the right to exhibit an extract not longer than three minutes of the selected films in the public media.

16- After the Festival, Espiello may use selected productions in the Festival for cultural and environmental programs, provided that the entry is free, informing the directors or producers or distributors of the place and date. Films not selected will be used for cultural and educational purposes only in municipalities depending on the Comarca de Sobrarbe.

17- The competitor must be responsible for claiming to be the maker of an original film as entered, and releases the organisation from any liability pertaining to the content of the film. The Espiello Organisation is not liable before third parties for any objections that may arise over ownership of copyright.

18- By entering a film, you accept the conditions of these rules, which will be interpreted and applied by the organisation.

19- This regulation is drafted in English and Spanish. In case of doubt, shall be settled by the Spanish version

Boltaa, a 1 de septiembre de 2017.- El presidente, Enrique Campo Sanz